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US Aluminum Castings - Employee Well-Being


US Aluminum Castings is dedicated to the WELL-BEING of it's employees. On-the-job safety, wellness contests and company events highlight our commitment to maintaining a healthy mind, body and family.

On-the-job safety is priority one with the regular safety training seminars, yearly hearing tests and a weekly safety scratch card contest to reward continuing safe practices in and around our plant. The scratch cards can be exchanged for valuable gifts like toaster ovens and tool kits. See the bottom right photo for an example of one employee's recent winnings for using safe practices over time. Once a year a winning participant can select one of 30 sealed bags holding a cash reward up to $10,000. Last year one employee walked away with $800.

Wellness contests reinforce the need for weight control and cessation of smoking to reduce the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes. Over the last three years employees have lost a combined total of 3,000 pounds and have given up smoking to the benefit of their pocketbook and family.

Company picnics and holiday parties reinforce the joy of the season with friends, family and peers. The annual Christmas Party brings great food and a present exchange together under one roof. Santa often visits to reward those "good boys and girls" from the foundry. The annual softball game at the summer picnic pits the various departments against the best the administration can put together.

Employee Well being
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