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The Modern Aluminum Foundry: A Primer

Known for centuries as the source of metal parts, the foundry has been a site of casting production since the days of ancient Greece. Today, US Aluminum Castings is known around the world as the premiere, full-service aluminum foundry that creates premium products for the aerospace and heavy trucking industries, along with marine, military defense, fluid filtration systems and other strong but light weight applications.

Depending on the type of casting involved, our aluminum metalworkers pour liquid aluminum into various types of molds that ultimately cool and allow the aluminum within to solidify. Initially, aluminum must be degassed to allow the dissolved hydrogen to dissipate. Without this degassing, the concentration of hydrogen within the aluminum alloy will degrade its mechanical properties.

After this step, the primary or secondary material (either virgin aluminum or aluminum derived from scrap) is melted down, refined, alloyed and adjusted to the desired consistency with the addition of various minerals and chemicals. It is then poured into a mold to create a specific piece, using cores as needed inside the mold to leave space for hollow areas within the part.

Once the aluminum has cooled, the piece is finished within the foundry through a series of grinding or machining steps to produce the final, toleranced part.

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