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Aluminum Green Sand Foundry

US Aluminum Castings is known for its international reputation as a precision aluminum castings foundry. Certified by the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program for heat treatment, non-destructive testing, AS9100C quality management systems and ITAR #M21916, US Aluminum Castings enjoys its associations with clients and varied industries all over the world. Our aluminum green sand operations are but one of the numerous processes we utilize, but is nevertheless extremely useful in multiple applications.

The green sand casting process employs wet sand to create the shape of the mold. While some imagine the name of this method indicates the use of a mysterious, emerald green colored sand, the term really refers to its wet state. This material is not just sand but a complex mixture of sand, water and clay. These 3 materials are carefully combined for just the right moldability and surface finish.

First referenced between 704-681 BC as a method of casting bronze, green sand casting is now used in the production of aircraft, truck, automobile and other high to medium volume parts ranging from just a few ounces to more than 50 pounds.

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