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Aluminum Permanent Mold Castings


Aluminum permanent mold casting normally refers to a metalworking technique that utilizes gravity to move molten aluminum into its mold. Products yielded from this method include automotive gears, bushings, spacers, hinges, cylinders, etc. For most aluminum permanent mold casting methods, molten aluminum is poured into two halves of a steel or iron mold, either utilizing gravity or with a tilt pour machine that moves from a horizontal to vertical position as it discharges the hot aluminum into the mold.

Permanent mold castings generally result in faster solidification of the aluminum, and subsequently finer grain structures with more strength and soundness. With less trapped hydrogen, permanent mold castings also have less porosity and thus better properties.

Wear life for permanent molds run from 10,000 to even 120,000 castings, mandating at least 3,000 casting per year to make a permanent mold economical. Size for permanent mold casting is also variable, ranging from less than a pound to more than 400.

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