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US Aluminum Castings

Lean Aluminum Casting Manufacturing


US Aluminum Castings is proud to operate a fully LEAN foundry.  What does that mean to you? We can deliver a competitive, quality casting on time, every time.  How do we do that?

We buy certified, 1,200 lb aluminum “T”s in railcar loads avoiding the wasteful handling and higher cost of the 40 lb. ingot.

  1. We melt & process using the lowest cost electricity in the US.
  2. We melt, pour, heat treat, machine, inspect & powder coat under one roof avoiding the cost, delays and freight of outsourcing.
  3. We receive, process and invoice by EDI, web or e-mail eliminating the delays and cost of handling paper.
  4. We are fully visual reducing the delays and missteps of uncertainty. 
  5. We Kanban, Min-Max & JIT for our customers everywhere possible.
  6. Five S is demanded in every department so we maintain our consistent quality

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  US Aluminum Castings is a proud member of the Advanced Metals Group, LLC.  
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