Molding Processes

Aluminum Green Sand Casting: Hunter high-speed molding is used for producing bread-box sized, green sand castings. Pin lift cope and drag machines are used for medium and large sized castings. Cores for both Hunter and pin lift are produced using state-of-the-art automated SO2 machines. Traditional bench molding is used to produce samples and short run parts.

Aluminum No-Bake Casting: Commonly refered to as dry sand or chemically bonded sand process is used to produce medium to very large castings. The best part-to-part dimensional accuracy can be delivered on large complex castings. Large to medium size cores are also manufactured using this process.

Aluminum Permanent Mold Casting: Our permanent molds are handled using Hall and Stahl tilt pour machines. This technique reduces metal tumbling during the pour resulting in superior metal quality. Problems with internal gas, dross, and dirt are virtually eliminated. This process is best suited for high production commercial castings. Aircraft quality castings are also being produced when higher properties are required.

Aluminum Lost Foam Casting: Delivers the least costly of our complex parts. Casting to size on flat surfaces, slotted holes and cast bores can eliminate machining. Cores are eliminated on back draft details, undercut part lines, deep holes and other features, which simplify molding and cleaning processes. Excellent dimensional accuracy can be maintained with this process.


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